Happy Birthday Jazmin!

Is there any better time to open your own JoyJar than on your birthday?!?! Last week, we had the opportunity to make a special delivery to courageous kid Jazmin, who recently celebrated her 5th birthday!
We are so honored to be able to bring Jazmin some fun, joy and love from our JoyFactory. This year […]

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NEGU Team Captain Kurt!

NEGU Team Captain, Kurt!
High school football teams all over Orange County are suiting up for their annual homecoming game. The Capistrano Valley High School Cougars celebrated this special week with lots of school spirit, a fun rally and a great game against Dana Hills High School.

This year, the Capistrano Valley football team, welcomed their […]

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Capes for Heroes

If you walk into a children’s hospital today, you may see some super heroes roaming the halls. These pint-sized heroes are courageous kids by night and super characters by day, thanks to the amazing work of Capes4Heroes!

Capes4Heroes delivers superhero capes for kids with disabilities and/or life threatening illnesses to help give them a boost […]

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#MyNEGUKid Photo Contest

A NEGU Kid is a courageous kid fighting cancer. They are brave. They are strong. They are amazing. “Their brilliance challenges the darkness and dazzles those of us who watch their light.”
We want to highlight some amazing NEGU Kids! From August 2, 2013 until August 11th 2013, we want to see your #MyNEGUKid photos […]

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T-Shirts For Courageous Children Fighting Cancer | I'm a NEGU Kid

The Jessie Rees Foundation has ONE mission- encourage every child with cancer to Never Ever Give Up.  Building a special relationship with families affected by childhood cancer has been a goal of Jessie’s family and her foundation since inception. Knowing first hand the many struggles families face while caring for a child with cancer, […]

JoyJars Are Not The End, But The Beginning of a Relationship

At the 2nd annual NEGU Gala, Erik Rees,Jessie’s daddy, spoke to courageous families caring for a child fighter cancer, “JoyJars are not the end, but the beginning of a relationship of love, support, and encouragement”. Building that special relationship with families affected by childhood cancer has been a goal of Jessie’s family and her foundation […]

Acute Myeloid Leukemia- We Never Ever Give Up For Courageous Kids

The Jessie Rees Foundation offers an abundance of resources and support for children fighting acute myeloid leukemia and other childhood cancers. Knowing the many struggles that come along with caring for your child fighting acute myeloid leukemia, our goal is to ensure you have helpful and supportive information at your fingertips so that you […]

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Financial Support Charities For Children With Cancer

At the Jessie Rees Foundation, we truly believe that we are better together. Together, with other charities, we can provide resources and support to children and families fighting cancer, together we can help bring awareness to pediatric cancer and together we can find a cure. There are some wonderful financial support charities around the country […]

Find Cancer Support in My Area For My Child

Here at the Jessie Rees Foundation, we understand that when a child is diagnosed with cancer, it is sometimes a difficult task for parents to find resources, support, hospitals and other organizations close to home or at your child’s place of treatment. Our goal is to help alleviate some of the external stressors that […]

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Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) Support for Children and Families

The Jessie Rees Foundation is dedicated to supporting children and families fighting Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) and other childhood cancers. Knowing the many additional struggles you may be facing while caring for your child fighting DIPG, our goal is to help to provide you with resources, information and support during this very difficult […]

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List of Camps For Kids With Cancer

Around the country, camps are offered to children and teens fighting cancer. Camps give children the opportunity to spend time in a supportive, nurturing environment, while giving them the opportunity to bond with their peers. Below is a list of local and national camps designed to serve children with cancer and their families. Although […]

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Charities for Children With Cancer- We Are Better Together

Neuroblastoma Support- Childhood Cancers

Neuroblastoma, although noted as a rare form of childhood cancer, is the most common type of cancer in infants, according to cancer.org. Neuroblastoma accounts for 6% of all childhood cancers with approximately 700 new diagnosed children each year. 1-2 years of age is the average year of diagnosis–90% of diagnosed cases made before 5 […]

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Nephroblastoma-Wilm's Tumor Support for Kids and Families

Welcome to the Jessie Rees Foundation. We are a global childhood cancer charity focusing on providing care and support to children fighting cancer, including children fighting nephroblastoma. The Jessie Rees Foundation was founded by 12-year old Jessie Rees who fought two inoperable, incurable brain tumors for ten months. During her courageous fight, Jessie used […]

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Cancer Care-A Family Resource Network

Jessica (Jessie) Joy Rees is known to thousands as a pioneer, a leader and a spokesperson for pediatric cancer awareness.  More importantly, she is a hero and inspiration to the over 250,000 kids and their families, who are currently fighting cancer all over the world. In March of 2011, Jessie was diagnosed with Diffuse […]

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When Your Child is Fighting Cancer- Keeping Your Marriage Strong

The devastating words, “your child has cancer”, can rock the core of the strongest of family foundations. As the parents stand close to their child during the journey of treatment, new realities set in–hospital and doctor visits are frequent and non-negotiable, sometimes at the expense of one’s job–medical bills continue to come and travel […]

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