We look forward to connecting with you! We are currently in the JoyFactory stuffing JoyJars® and making NEGU Spirit Packs, but will return your call or email within 48 hours. Thank you for the grace and understanding.

Contact Info:

22521 Avenida Empresa, Suite 112
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688

Be Social:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/JessieReesFoundation
Twitter: @teamnegu


Tina Jensen
Customer Care Coordinator
Contact Tina if you have general questions or want to get involved in supporting the Jessie Rees Foundation. Tina is the best person to start with!!!
Laura Reagan
Office Manager
Contact Laura with regarding donations, vendors and event registration.
Jeff Gibson
Communications Director
Contact Jeff with questions regarding public relations, press releases and general marketing.
Diana Hughes
JoyFactory Coordinator
Contact Diana if you want to volunteer in the JoyFactory stuffing JoyJars®.
Cheryl Ingraham
Special Connections Coordinator
Contact Cheryl if you are an athlete or celebrity who wants to learn more about TeamNEGU All-Stars. Cheryl is also the contact if you are a hospital who wants to set up a special connection with a member of TeamNEGU All-Stars.
Jana Perry
Family Resource Coordinator
Contact Jana if you would like information on how the Jessie Rees Foundation can assist your courageous family.
Jana Perry
JoyDrive Coordinator
Contact Jana if you need information about hosting a Joy Drive and collecting toys in your area.
Kaitlin Sandeno
Director of Sports Relations
Contact Kaitlin if you represent professional athletes, an athletic focused company or play sports.