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We have been seeking extra cool opportunities of encouragement and joy for kids with cancer. The Jessie Rees Foundation’s  NEGU Adventures are “one of a kind” adventures designed to give courageous kids with cancer an opportunity to put treatments aside for a while for a special experience and lots of fun with celebrities, professional athletes and their families.

During Jessie’s fight with cancer, she was invited to attend a taping of American Idol. Escorted in a limousine, Jessie and her family visited the Idol contestants backstage and enjoyed the show while she cheered on her favorite contestants! Knowing how much this experience meant to Jessie during her own treatment, the Jessie Rees Foundation will continue to offer these exciting, memorable moments for kids fighting cancer.

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We look forward to providing this same incredible experience for Courageous Kids around the world.  On a recent NEGU Adventure, we got to meet three year old Raeleigh, a courageous kid who is spreading and encouraging Jessie’s motto to Never Ever Give Up!

When Raeleigh’s mom and dad first told her she was going on a NEGU Adventure, her mom, Brittnee said Raeleigh reacted like she had won a million dollars! She told everyone she was going to go meet Minnie and Mickey Mouse at Disneyland and see the Joy Factory! She was thrilled!

Raeleigh’s family first heard about Jessie and her courageous story through her grandma who saw posts on Facebook about Never Ever Give Up and the Jessie Rees Foundation. A couple months later after signing up to receive JoyJars, Rayleigh was chosen to go on a NEGU adventure. Not only was it Raeleigh’s first time to the Joy Factory, it was also her first time to California!

Raleigh1When Raeleigh got to the Joy Factory, Brittnee said it felt like heaven to them.  “Raeleigh was so happy and welcomed by everyone, the Joy Factory changed our life 100 percent” she said.  Raeleigh amazed her parents with warming up to everyone at the Joy Factory, Brittnee said, “we didn’t want to leave.”

When asked what this NEGU Adventure means to their family, her mom said “It means the world, especially knowing people who are going through what we are going through and encouraging us all to Never Ever Give Up. To spend time with Jessie’s dad Erik and getting the chance to talk to him for a while and know that we can connect and help others Never Ever Give Up is a blessing.”

Raleigh3While at the Joy Factory, staff at the Jessie Rees Foundation knew that Raeleigh’s dad and mom had worked for Toyota, so they invited a few Toyota team members and great friends of the Jessie Rees Foundation to come and visit Raeleigh’s family while at the Joy Factory.  Brittnee said that added touch was such a blessing for their family that the Jessie Rees Foundation would think to do that was incredible and touching for them,  “We know you have a heart for what you guys are doing.”

When Raeleigh got home, her PowerPack was waiting for her. And she was so excited!  “NEGU means to NEVER EVER GIVE UP” and Raeleigh’s mom encourages everyone to share Jessie’s message as much as possible because you never know who or how you can impact someone with the encouragement to NEGU.  

“Just knowing that we can say NEGU to friends and family that are in the same situation or a similar situation is so helpful,” her mom said.  Earlier in the year, the doctor told Raeleigh that she would probably never be able to walk again and Raeleigh has overcome this hurdle and is currently walking with help and loving it!  Anytime now she will be walking on her own! We are so proud of you Raeleigh! We NEGU for you!

We are so excited for our next NEGU Adventures with some amazing courageous kids. What is your dream adventure?


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