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Erik Picture 2008 #2Jessie’s little motto “NEGU” has become a household phrase for thousands of families around the world. Not just families with kids fighting cancer but families that desire to embrace a message of hope, strength and perseverance. NEGU is also empowering nurses, corporations, clubs, professional athletes and sports teams.

The truth is, everyone faces hurdles…at work, at school, in sports and in life. The key is to know how to turn these obstacles into opportunities. This is not only what Jessie did but the path her family continues on today. They have chosen to become “better” not “bitter”. An inspiring attitude that continues to motivate and mobilize people around the world.

Part of their path involves helping others NEGU in life. Not just kids and families but others who truly desire to turn obstacles into opportunities. Could you, your employees, your members use a boost of hope, strength and perseverance? If so, invite Erik Rees to share the inspirational message Only You Can Be You with them so they too can:

  • Reach their goals
  • Release their passions
  • Restore their strengths

Ultimately giving them to tools to “embrace each day” with energy, enthusiasm and excellence. This new life perspective will not only help them but help strengthen your team, company or church.

Erik Rees is not only “Jessie’s daddy” but has invested the last 20 years of his life empowering people and teams to reach their full potential as a Life Strategist. Erik is also a best selling author, speaker and coach. His inspiring message Only You Can Be You inspires thousands of people each year around the world.

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