Actress Bethany Joy Lenz Spreads Joy at Mattel Children's Hospital

[LOS ANGELES] We would like to thank actress Bethany Joy Lenz for spreading joy to the courageous kids fighting cancer at Mattel Children’s Hospital (UCLA) today. We received this wonderful note from one of the Child Life Specialists after you left,

“I’d like you to know that Jose was playing with the jar all afternoon until he finally went to surgery. It couldn’t have come at a better time as he was going stir crazy – he has been on total bed rest for 3 days so you can imagine how hard that is for a 9 year old. One of our teens whom wasn’t feeling up to a visit just opened one of the JoyJars we dropped off, and as he emptied the jar looking at each item he stated excitedly, “I can keep this? Really!” And finally, Vivian was completely in awe of Joy, her visit and the Jar distracted her from her fears and pain. Please express our gratitude to Bethany Joy who brought her own personal jar of joy and kindness. She was wonderful with the children. We are so appreciative of community friends who share our passion in giving kids a chance to play and have a normal experience. And we will be happy to spread Jessie’s inspiration to Never Ever Give Up!”

Thank you again Bethany for a great day!


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